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General Type Batteries                                   

1, Consumer High Capacity Batteries This series possesses higher capacity and longer working time. With Stable production technology, advanced automation equipment, strict process control, We ntegrates its high quality product, and the leading producer of highest Capacity

Ready To Use Batteries

Compared with standard Ni-MH batteries, Ready-To-Use batteries has many advantages such as lower self-discharge, longer storage time, longer cycle life etc., especially the better capacity recovery performance when the voltage is below 0.8V. The charge retention is still maintained at 85% after 1 year Storage,Ready to use NIMh Battery is good choice to Replace the Primary cells

High / Low Temperature Batteries

1, High Temperature Batteries This series adapts special techniques and materials to ensure the excellent charge and discharge performance in the high-temperature environment. In the ambient temperature at 80℃,  which charging efficiency is up to 70%, and widely used in all types of electrical device need to work in extreme environment

High Drain Batteries

This series of products can be designed according to customer requirements, with sufficient power, low heating, high safety performance, long service life, high discharge voltage characteristics. The batteries are mainly used in electric bikes, electric tools, electric toys, vacuum cleaners and Sweeping machine,etc.

◆ Battery Configuration


Serial Configuration S

: Connecting cells in serial configuration (increases the voltage)
Fox Example you want 3S Packs for Single Cell H9059156 3.7V 10,000mAh
 The voltage of Battery Packs will be increased by three times.
The Voltage of Battery packs  (3.7*3=11.1V)

 however the current remains the same as single Cell at (10000mAh)

Parallel Configuration P

: Connecting cells in Parallel configuration (increases the current) 

Fox Example you want 3P packs from  Single Cell H9059156 3.7V 10Ah
-The  Voltage of Battery Packs  will remain the same. At 3.7V
-The Capacity of Battery Packs Current will be increased three times.3*10000mah=30Ah


Serial, Parallel Configuration

: Connecting cells in both serial and Parallel configuration 
 (increases the current as well as voltage) Mainly for Notebook 
- The voltage will be increased in accordance to the configuration.
- The current will be increased in accordance to the configuration.


The configurations will not affect the overall power but provide the most suitable voltage and current

◆ Smart Battery Pack


: Composition - PCM(Protection Circuit Module) + Gauging(Smart Circuit)




◆ Protection Circuit Board


: Never charge or discharge the battery without connecting appropriate  protection circuit. The function of the Standard Lithium Ion Cell PCM are  as follows:


1) Protect against over charge

The PCM will automatically terminate the charging process once the maximum charging rate has been exceeded.


2) Protect against over discharge.

The PCM will automatically terminate the discharging process once the maximum discharging rate has been exceeded.


3) Over current charging and Over current discharging can be avoided.

Over current charging and Over current discharging can be avoided.If irregular voltage rating is being applied in the process of charging and discharging, the process is automatically terminated by the PCM.



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