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Manufacturing Capability 

The company facilities provide 30,000 square meters of manufacturing space. We have installed an
automated battery manufacturing process and overall computerization to provide efficient management and quality control. 
1. Production Management: From receiving orders, scheduling production to delivery, we have adopted an
    ERP system that has increased communication of production information and efficiency of resource
    application, helping to reduce the cost of defect and waste.
2. Quality Control: Hecell maintains tight control over all possible tolerance during every production phases.
    Quality and reliability are our major considerations. To completely fulfill our quality policy, we are engaged
    in an ongoing improvement of system procedures to enhance the level of customer service. Hecell's
    management is designed after the P-D-C-A cycle, ensuring that our policies are fully understood by all staff
    members, and that everyone pays the closest attention to quality and targets quality enhancement. 
3. Mobility and flexibility: Specially designed molds and simplified manufacturing processes have reduced
    Hecell's production line switching time from 2 days (our competitors) to 4 hours. More flexibility in
    production means our response time to customer requests for our product has decreased, allowing us to
    handle orders more quickly than ever. 
Our Quality Policy is "To deliver quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements; drive the evolution of technology; and to grow together. "

World Class Engineering Professionals

The aim of Hyper Power  R&D department is to design batteries with an eye toward performance and application.
1. Battery performance design: Optimize design according to a battery's quick charge and discharge
    capability, temperature characteristics, and size in order to satisfy differing customer requirements. 
2. Battery application design: Cooperate with the customer in the initial phase of product development;
    addressing power supply-related problems to bring forth solutions in the design phase. This ensures that
    required batteries better fit our customer's final product and that we can promptly respond to modifications
    during the design phase.
Our R&D team can integrate batteries into any applications' IC board, charger, indicator, casing or connector, reducing any testing that must be performed by our customers. Project engineers are assigned to each customer to handle the details of their specific requirements. 
Since the battery manufacturing process is complicated, our specially designed manufacturing methods,
mass integration and simplified manufacturing processes reduce variables in production, resulting in products that are more stable than those of our competitors.

Unignorable Competitive Advantage

   Diversity of multifunctional portable electronic products drives the evolution of technology. The demand for 

high-energy, pollution-free portable electrical sources that have small size combined with a long cycle life challenges a technological innovator's intelligence and enterprise. Hecell, as a pioneer in the battery field, 
faces these challenges with a mind open to the future. We commit ourselves to our leading role as a leader
in the battery industry. As Hecell and the world continue to grow, we commit ourselves to keeping pace with
the future needs of society.

Our vision

  Our  vision is one of awareness of environmental protection. Our mission is to provide high technology
in harmony with nature, while enhancing future lifestyles.

Enterprise Culture

"Cooperation"     "Innovation    "Professionalism"     "Customer-orientation"

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