OEM Batter Packs


 we provide all your needs for custom batteries. We carry a full line of different kinds of batteries, as well as top brand batteries

Available Batteries choices: 

  1. NiMh / Nicd Batteries : A, 2/3A, 4/5A, 4/3A, AA, 2/3AA, AAA, 2/3AAA, C, Sc, D, F, M Size

  2. Lithium Ion Batteries : 10440, 14430, 14500, 18650, 18500, 26650, 38120, 40160

  3. Lithium Polymer Batteries: Custom Size with minimum qty. 

  4. Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries: Cylinder Cells, LiFePO4 Polymer cells and Prismatic Cells

  5. High Discharge Power Tool Batteries: SC, 18650, 26650 Size

  6. LiMnNi & LiNiCoMn Batteries: 26650

  7. PCB/PCM/BMS: From 1 cell to 24 cells. Can customize with minimum qty

  8. High Rate Lithium Polymer Battery 30C-60C 

  1. 13+ Years of experience in battery industry with extensive knowledge.

  2. Joint venture with several manufacturers, we have excellent credit, buying power & sourcing you can depend on.

  3. Special assembly production lines in shenzhen meet for different design requirment 

  4. Quick analyze , design and prototypes. 

  5. Large selections of batteries, chargers, testing equipments and accessories.

  6. Private labeling and packaging for either big or small customers. Starting from 10,000 per order, customer can own their own brand name.

  7. Help to apply UN38.3 shipping document for your custom Lithium ion batteries.

  8. Help to apply IEC62133.  

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